Eight Chinese students dead after ferry boat sinks

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According to local authorities and witnesses, central China’s province Hunan was shaken by a tragical event, in which at least eight students died after the ferry boat they had boarded, sunk in a river.

Eye witnesses said that there were many high-school students boarded on that vessel, on their way back home for the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, as they left the town of  Tangtianshi in Shaoyang County around 2 in the afternoon.

Rescue operations are being carried out by local villagers and police officers.

Jiang Yaohua, head of Shaoyang County’s committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC), confirmed that the boat sank at 3:10 pm, adding that, until 6 pm rescuers have retrieved eight bodies. Eye witnesses also said that overloading may have been the most likely cause of the incident.


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