Is it Magic or Not? British Man to Walk on Water

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All magicians want to create moments out of the ordinary, but a British man achieved something close to science fiction. In his latest number, Steve Frayne also known as Dynamo, walked upon the waters of Thames. The 28-year-old illusionist walked by half of the river in front of London Parliament before he got caught by a police boat, according to

The moment which was taped for the latest show of the illusionist, “Dynamo: Magician Impossible” was received with stupefaction by the passers-by.

Frayne is already a widely-known magician as has gained the confidence of lots of stars, including Jay-Z, Coldplay, Will Smith, Busta Rhymes and Paris Hilton who acknowledged his talent.

During his former numbers, Dynamo made Matt Lucas, “Little Brain” star to levitate and transformed lottery tickets in money in front of Robbie Williams.

In the last episode of the show, the magician will levitate and will change the marks left after sun-tanning of a girl on Miami Beach. Other numbers of the show will include transforming a mobile phone into a bottle of beer or transforming snow into diamonds.


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